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Our team of in-car driving instructors all possesses the required certification and the experience to help you become expert drivers. They are well-trained, skilled, patient, clear, and are fully aware of all the tricks, solutions, and tips to fix any specific difficulties you may face while driving.



The Beginner Driver Education course is recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. This can help you save a considerable amount of money on your car insurance. Basically, the cost of your automobile insurance can be significantly reduced if you have a driver training certificate under your belt.



We have a proven track record and our successful business model speaks for itself. We work tirelessly to ensure that we only provide driving training programs of the highest quality. Our training programs are designed in a way to help anyone get comfortable behind the wheels.


Highly Qualified Professional Team

We focus a lot on ensuring that our students are well-valued, well-treated, and well-trained. We measure the success of our business with the success of our graduating students. Our team members, in the classroom, or out on the road follow the same principals and are all dedicated to ensuring that the students pass their driving tests with flying colors and become responsible drivers.


Beginner Driver Education Course Provider
  • Upon successful completion, students will receive their driver’s licence history (DLH) from Service Ontario, that will them discount on car insurance
  • Eligible for road test in 8 months as opposed to 1 year
  • One on One private lesson
  • Experienced male and female instructors
  • 20 hours In-Class or Online
  • 10 hours In-Car
  • 10 hours at home





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Transportation Cost Reimbursement


Discount $40

If You Reach the drive test center on the day of road test, we will give you a discount of $40 the car for the road test.Instructor will not provide any lesson before the road test.


About Us

Learning how to drive is really important because it gives you the freedom to be able to take yourself wherever you need to go without having to depend on others. With this liberating feeling however, comes many responsibilities including the responsibility of attending Toronto Driving academy to be trained on how to drive.

Many people in Canada especially those that are not looking to become professional truck drivers think that it is not necessary to attend a school for training since they can train with their relatives and friends and still get a driver’s license. However, there are many benefits that come with attending an academy. Here are some of them.

Benefits of attending Toronto driving academy

More practice – schools such as TDA give their drivers a chance to gain a lot of invaluable experience behind the wheel. Their curriculum will include a certain number of hours that the trainee driver will have to complete behind the wheel. When you train on your own you do not have a structured curriculum that guides you step by step on how to conduct yourself behind the wheel and handle various situations.

Many people who do not attend are usually in a hurry to know how to drive and get their licenses. In a school, you have to fulfill their curriculum requirements before you can take the test.

Reduced waiting time to get your G license – after you have completed your g1 test in Toronto, you will be required to take the G2 test and finally the G test which tests advanced drivers.

You are allowed to take the G2 test after a year of completing your G1 test but if you have registered with a driving school you can take the test after 8 months. You, therefore, benefit from 4 months of reduced time which can make a huge difference if you are planning to be a professional driver.

Reduced insurance rates – if you have a driver training certificate from

Toronto driving school

you can get better insurance rates from your insurance provider. The discount you get depends on your insurance provider and the coverage you are taking.

Increased awareness during driving - you are guided by professional drivers who teach you the rules of the road and traffic laws. You get awareness on driving issues and situations that you might not have known.

You can cater your lessons to the skills you need – We will not just teach you how to drive your car. You can get other skills like defensive driving.

You do not learn from accidents – one of the things about learning from us is that the instructors help you to avoid bad driving habits that can get you into an accident before they happen. The instructor is quickly able to figure out your weaknesses and helps you to correct them before you get your license. You, therefore, avoid learning through expensive and dangerous accidents.

You receive driving instructions approved by the Ontario government – when you enroll in our schools you will get approved driver training meaning you become the best.

If you are in need of a beginner educational program then you might be overwhelmed by the many schools available. You need to choose the very best so you can get driving education that will enhance your safety and add value to your life. Here are some considerations to have in mind when choosing a school.

Ensure they are offering government approved courses – you should ascertain that the Toronto driving school offers a driving program that is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. You can check this through the official website of the ministry where they post the list of all the schools offering approved programs.

With the approved program you will get a certification that enables you to get the G2 certification 4 months earlier. While at it, check to see that the school has not been listed on the list of revoked schools. The school must also offer a minimum of 10 hours of in-vehicle training.

Check the instructor credentials – ensure also that the instructors that will be guiding you are well trained, insured and certified people.

What is the class size – do not forget to ask what the class size is. A good school should have an adequate number or teachers and classrooms to maintain a favorable classroom size typically of less than 24. Each instructor should not have more than 40 trainees.

Other factors to have in mind include flexibility of the training, proof of completion and insurance.

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