Drake One Fifty Restaurant has been operating in Toronto for a while now. The restaurant is highly hospitable and welcoming. Guests can enjoy music as the restaurant hires local musicians and artists. It is located in Toronto city’s financial district.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, an aspect that has made it a favorite of many. It features Canada’s top art pieces in its décor. Therefore, it’s not just Canadian by name, but also in its look and feels.

The Restaurant’s Bar

Drake One Fifty’s bar stools were acquired from one of the best furniture stores. The bar is oval shaped and made up of about 60 feet of marble. The restaurant is technology-savvy; when making a reservation, a welcoming voice message welcomes you to the restaurant’s services. The highly creative duo hired to make its dining furnishings did a great job.

Food and Service

Drake One Fifty restaurant features some of the best menus in the city. If you’re looking for comfort dishes, steak fries, meatballs, burger, and pizza, among other delicacies, they’re all served at the restaurant. You could take liver and onions entrée, a great meal for dinner. It is delicious; every bite you take will see you come back for more.

Check-in or order smoked mackerel and grilled sardines, excellent meals of all time. The restaurant’s chicken-fried oysters are simply amazing; you won’t want to miss a bite. Meals here are carefully spiced to achieve the best taste in even the simplest dishes.

If you were to take one special meal with your family, make sure to include the testimony. It’s special-rolled, slowly cooked, thinly sliced and beautifully flavored to give it the taste that sees clients return for more of its aroma. If you’re looking for a restaurant to spend a moment with your family, Drake One Fifty Restaurant won’t disappoint.