Few Cities have a history as ancient as that of Toronto. It grew from a mud village 12,000 years ago to the boisterous Mega City it is today. A lot of work has gone to it and with that comes a rich history.

Through archeological findings, scientists found out that the City of Toronto existed a few years after the Ice Age slightly before 1000 AD. The Wyandot people are believed to be the first inhabitants of Toronto, and later other tribes joined in to form a cluster of villages along Lake Ontario.

Although it’s now a City, many events are leading up to the present moment.

Toronto in Early Days

Toronto is a Huron language to mean “Meeting Place.” The name is appropriate because of many villages from diverse ethnicities living in the area and sharing common grounds for hunting and fishing.

The French man and missionary, Etienne Brule, discovered the villages in early 1600. Due to the hostility between the British and the French, the latter left the land to the former after several years of war. The British officially ruled the area from 1760.

Toronto Becomes a City

Toronto was named a City in 1793. Over the years, it saw significant growth, especially in the 19th century. It was the hub of industrialization with plenty of timber and factories.

Though it suffered during the world war and the great depression, it soon picked up and continued growing. In the early 1900s, Toronto’s other name was “The Good Toronto” and this continued till several decades ago.

The Great Black-out and the Mega City

Toronto’s fortunes were on the up until the great black-out struck for several days. Many inhabitants came up with slogans that demeaned Toronto, but quickly the Tourism Industry came up with a slogan to counter the general unhappiness that people were experiencing.

Becoming a mega city was also an unpopular move. However, through Mike Harris, Toronto became a mega City whose population boomed from a mere 600,000 to 2.8million.

There’s no stopping for Toronto. The City keeps growing and advancing, and today it stands as one of the major financial centers of North America and one of the largest Cities in Canada, with over 6 million inhabitants.