Road Test Package

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  • Courses are developed by professional driving instructors

  • Our innovative tools empower you behind the wheel & beyond

  • Interactive graphics and course material make for a fun driver safety experience

About Course

Toronto Drivers Academy specializes in training drivers preparing for

  1. G2 (G1 exit) or G (G2 exit) license test
  2. Training seniors that are in need of re qualification with the Ministry of Transportation
  3. Licenses holders in countries that need testing in Ontario.

The Road Test Package gives drivers the edge when taking their driving tests. In addition to comprehensive drivers will get to work with a professional driver for the hour leading up to their road test. Also, the student taking the road test will get to use a vehicle to take their test.

  1. Toronto Drivers Academy’s Road Test Package is perfect for students because it relieves them of worrying about renting or borrowing a car for their G2 (G1 exit) or G (G2 exit) test.
  2. When you need to concentrate on successfully completing your road test, rely on TD Academy for a safe vehicle. Best of all, from your several hours of in-car training, you will already be extremely familiar with the vehicle.
  3. The Beginner driving education Course and Road Test Package prepares students by providing comprehensive in-class and in-car training and by familiarizing roads and signs around a Drive Test centre.
  4. Our interactive classroom environment ensures that each student participates and is given the attention they need to excel as a new driver.
  5. Our driving instructors will pick students up from home and take them for hour-long driving lessons. During these lessons, students will become familiar with roads, signs and road rules. This part of driver training builds confidence and helps students become safe drivers and successfully complete their G2 driver tests.
  6. On the day of your road test, your driving instructor will take you for one last training session. They will provide you with last minute tips and advice that will ensure driving best practices are top-of-mind when completing your test. Then, you will use your TD Academy car to complete your road test and earn your licence.

Ministry Approved Courses

Basic Road Test Package

$240 + HST

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Silver Road Test Package

$290 + HST

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Premium Road Test Package

$340 + HST

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Payment can be made online by interact transfer to email or Payment can be made by Credit Card.


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

After trying a few crappy driving schools, I definitely breathed a sigh of huge relief when I stumbled onto this driving school. The instructors here are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful, teaching me everything I need to know about driving. The instructors here, unlike in other schools, aren’t condescending or intimidating at all. It doesn´t matter if you are a slow learner or a quick to pick up on things, the driving programs offered by the school cater to the needs and requirements of everyone. I was able to successfully pass my behind the wheel test in my first attempt! I didn´t even have to practice outside the class.
I can say from experience that Toronto drivers academy has some of the most understanding and helpful instructors in the nation. Before joining this school, I did try a few other schools. The instructors elsewhere made me nervous and extremely frustrated at all times. I couldn´t relax while I was behind the wheels, let alone drive properly. I decided to give this school a try after hearing of glowing reviews from my friends and I wasn´t disappointed. The instructors there were nice, patient and very experienced. They helped me conquer my fear and made driving so damn easy!

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